Producers For Hire

Need a web video, TV show or ad produced?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can do – and have done – darn near everything.  We’ve even won awards for some of the work we’ve done for our clients.  Like the Emmy Award we won earlier this year for Racing with the Sun, a 30-minute documentary we produced for the University of Michigan. We followed their Solar Car team as they raced through the Australian Outback in the World Solar Challenge and came up with this award-winner that aired nationally on the Big Ten Network and locally on Detroit Public Television.

Take a look.

One of our particular strengths is taking complex subjects or stories with lots of moving parts and turning them into easy-to-understand videos in a wide range of subject matter and formats: the arts, sciences, engineering, profiles – even event coverage.  Better yet, we’ll use every trick in our book to do a high quality project as economically as we can.  Knowing every aspect of TV production is required for survival in public television production and having those skills serves us well now as independents. Just to give you a sense of how broad our subject range and styles are, we’ve included some short samples below.

And if you’d like to see some complete stories or shows we’ve done, check out our NiceWork TV YouTube Channel or contact us for more information.