Need a web video, TV show or ad produced?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. We can do – and have done – darn near everything.  We’ve even won awards for some of the work we’ve done for our clients.  Like the Emmy Award we won earlier this year for Racing with the Sun, a 30-minute documentary we produced for the University of Michigan. We followed their Solar Car team as they raced through the Australian Outback in the World Solar Challenge and came up with this award-winner that aired nationally on the Big Ten Network and locally on Detroit Public Television.

Take a look.

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Nice Work Productions sprang from the realization that broadcast marketing can no longer happen thirty seconds at a time. Audience fragmentation and advertising clutter have eroded the effectiveness of TV commercials for years. Now add newer technologies to the list—timeshifted viewing on DVRs, computers and mobile devices, and three-screen viewers who simply tune the commercials out while they surf, text and tweet between the content – and you start to appreciate the challenges of making an impact.

That’s why Nice Work has developed a model that puts high-quality television programs at the center of multi-faceted marketing campaigns.  On-air value is derived from a menu of marketing assets:  program entitlement, executive on-air appearances, and original, program-specific advertising and product placements that connect content with brands without ever commiting the cardinal sin of sounding like an infomercial.

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More and more, corporate giving is no longer just giving for giving’s sake.  In a new normal in which every dollar spent needs to generate some return, corporate giving must also be a marketing platform that places a halo on the brand in the eyes of consumers.

Nice Work’s deep connections in the non-profit world, combined with our expertise in creating and executing long-form, broadcast storytelling, means we can work directly with brands to cull the stories out of their current community outreach endeavors, or work with cause marketers to help make new connections that can have the maximum marketing impact.

The idea is to create multiple wins:  The non-profit organization gains resources.  The company’s employees experience heightened morale.  The corporation resides in a strengthened community.  And the brand gains exposure and the kind of esteem that traditional advertising can never generate.

If you’re the company or a cause marketing professional, Nice Work can help you transform outreach into stories that work across multiple platforms—broadcast, online, mobile devices, social media, and on-site.

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What does broadcast television have to do with management consulting?

It’s no secret that most organizational inefficiency, frustration and dysfunction arises from poor internal communication.  And Nice Work Productions excels at communicating!  We’ve found the skill set of clean, clear, transparent communication transfers effectively to business environments, fostering buy-in and helping teams coalesce around a single vision.

But our other skill sets apply here too.  Creating high-quality television programs takes more than creativity and a knowledge of TV production—things have to run smoothly to get great programs that are on time and within budget.  And that means you need to have some management chops too.

Jay Nelson has used his well-honed skills in management, internal vision session, client relations and community engagement to transform the University of Michigan’s public TV station WFUM, the Animation and Digital Media Department (now Entertainment Arts) at the College for Creative Studies and led a successful turnaround of the Ann Arbor Film Festival—saving it from possible extinction to boot.  Be sure to check out what people who Jay worked with and for Jay have to say about his ability to transform organizations below.

So no matter what your project, idea or problem may be, we can help you put together a solution that will meet your needs.

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